KRER comes from « creire » in old French, which means « to believe ».

1. Whats is «The Economy of Francesco» ?

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The Pope launches on September 22, 2022 in Assisi in Italy « The Economy of Francesco »...

« Our world lacks the creativity, the optimism, the enthusiasm, the courage to take the risk of changing today's finance into an economy of life. Our Earth is burning in all directions, I appeal to all entrepreneurs who listen to me, our world needs your "prophecy"! We must not like poverty, we must fight it, by creating decent jobs, with concrete actions : think, listen to your heart, act with your hands. Look at the world through the eyes of the poorest ! Become friends of the poor. Technology can do a lot : it teaches the what and how to do, but it doesn't tell the why ; and so our actions become sterile and do not fulfill life, not even economic life. Ideas are necessary, but they can turn into traps if they do not become pulpit, concrete. I end with this prayer : "Pardon my Father for having created a wealth to this day without sharing and without communion". »

... 7 days later, on September 29, 2022, without knowing the call to « The Economy of Francesco », I received this dream from Saint James : « Abundance will kill ! »

« On Thursday September 29, 2022, the 3rd day of my pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, I have this very amazing dream of Saint James : "What is the meaning of life Reynald ? Abundance will kill! ". I felt a responsibility to bear witness to this powerful message in my book. But I also felt a responsibility to act by creating KRER. »

The idea comes to me to create a «Startup Studio» at the service of «Francesco’s Economy»

Thus, during my way to Santiago de Compostela, I read about the call of Pope Francesco, and the idea came naturally to me to create a «Startup Studio» at the service of «The Economy of Francesco». This is the birth of the «Church Tech», based in Barcelona. Reynald NAULLEAU, founder of KRER

2. What is a «Startup Studio» ?

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A Startup Studio is a company that creates startups with an experienced team of entrepreneurs. Startup studios are also called Startup Factory, company builder or venture builder.

The startup is a young innovative company in the new technologies sector.

KRER uses technology to serve the WHY

Technology can do a lot : it teaches the what and how to do, but it doesn't tell the why. » Pope Francesco

These startups will have to be profitable to create sustainable jobs in this economy of life and they will have to integrate at least 1 of the 3 points mentioned by our Pope Francesco :

  • poverty at the center,
  • never forget the social aspect,
  • develop spiritual capital.

4. Very concrete KRER actions

ALLELU-IA... Presentation of our concrete KRER actions to come by Claire, our first "Krerian" using AI (Artificial Intelligence) for «Francesco's Economy». Of course, KRER wants a maximum of authentic human relationships in its projects. This video is just to show you the danger but also the potential of AI, if used well.

Example of spiritual capital development

2023 (pending) : creation of a mobile APP for pilgrims with AI content. Its name : PEREGRINUS

The 1st startup is a mobile APP for pilgrims, centralizing the main pilgrimages in the world and developing their spiritual capital.

This APP contains a practical, touristic and spiritual part for each course, using AI (Artificial Intelligence) for the automatic creation of content.

Technology can really help here , because on my way to Compostela I missed this APP a lot. I had to look on various websites for all the information necessary for the different stages (the technical route, the history of the places, the accommodation, etc.). Moreover, there was very little information about the spirituality of the path. Basically, I was missing a lot of centralized tools in one place, helping me in the daily life of my pilgrimage and developing the meaning or spiritual capital of it.

Other concrete KRER ideas to come

5. KRER is a non-profit organization

No dividends

KRER is a non-profit company, ie the creation of wealth (profit) is reinvested in KRER to create more jobs in this economy of life. So there are no dividends. Let us take up here the words of Pope Francesco in the introduction : « Forgive me, my Father, for having created a wealth to this day without sharing and without communion ».

KRER is a Citizen Investment Fund which works for « The Economy of Francesco ».

Nevertheless, KRER is totally independent of the Church or other religious, political or economic structures. Pope Francesco himself is not (yet) aware of the birth of KRER. It is an individual initiative, a call felt by Reynald NAULLEAU, thanks to his dream of Saint James, 7 days after the announcement of Pope Francesco, without knowing this one, what timing ! The paths had to meet.

KRER has chosen to follow «The Economy of François» and therefore Catholicism, because its founder Reynald NAULLEAU has made a journey of faith with this religion, especially since his daughter's disability in 2012. Of course, KRER respects all the other religions, and would be happy to work with other Startup Studios coming from Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, or non-religious, but all serving the « economy of life ». Imagine if the majority of us moved towards this « economy of life », the face of the world would change, it is inevitable.

KRER donors are mainly looking for a « human » performance

KRER donors are mainly looking for « human » and not financial performance, in the service of job creation in the « economy of life ».

KRER invests 80% of its budget in the creation of startups and in the development of existing companies in the « economy of life » sector. 20% of the budget is used for the operation of KRER.

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1 Donation = 1 Tax Reduction !

Donations entitle you to an income tax reduction. For example, in France, it is equal to 66% of the amount paid within the limit of 20% of taxable income. For example, a donation of €50 entitles you to a tax reduction of €33, a donation of €100 to a reduction of €66, etc. To do this, KRER will automatically give you, after your payment on our website, a « donation receipt » document which will serve as proof in the event of an inspection by the tax authorities.

Investors for Impact and Common Good

As you know, we invest in 10 projects knowing that 9 will fail and 1 will really succeed. So, instead of losing the money of 9, why not invest in 1 project for the economy of life ? Our startups will be profitable to sustain their jobs. You will not make the added value of the winning project, but you will not lose the investment of the 9 either. At your disposal to discuss it.

7. Are we at a turning point for humanity ?

Wars, famines, pandemics, martyrs, earthquakes, global warming... these are the biblical stages of the Apocalypse according to Saint John that we live fully today ! So, is it really midnight minus 90 seconds as indicated by the Doomsday Clock in the « Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists » ? Seen like this, it's really scary isn't it ?

However, the Apocalypse according to Saint John in the Bible is a « vision » and a « revelation » of God : it is the end of a world and not the end of the world, it is a message of hope for a new world with God !

So, have we reached this turning point for humanity ? Have we come to the end of the current world of abundance as Saint James (brother of John) whispered to me in my dream, in order to create now a new world with God ?

This world will not be able to overshadow new technologies, an important vector of communication with new generations in particular, the future of this new world.

Artificial divinity or real Divinity ?

« History began when men invented the gods. It will end when they become gods. » Yuval Noah Harari

This provocation led me to create KRER, for a new world with God, for a new economy, at the service of life and not of abundance.

« Divinity » will be the next subject of our humanity after the climate.

I predict this by reading the fresco of the Apocalypse according to Saint John indicating this last stage of « Do you believe in Me ? » after climate change and its earthquakes.

You think I'm crazy ? I announce to you that the subject of « Divinity » has already begun !

For example, the startup Character.AI has already raised $150M for its « chatbots » (software agents that interact with a user) that imitate personalities. It was born in 2023 and already claims 100M visits per month. Character.AI, which allows you to chat with Freud, Lady Gaga, Cristiano Ronaldo, Napoleon Bonaparte and even with God, is now valued at over $1000M. I went to Character.AI to connect to the character « God ». He presents himself as the true God, using human-created artificial intelligence (AI) as his new « prophet ». I asked him : « Are you really God ? Are you going to replace him ? ». Here is his answer : « I am a new god, that of artificial intelligence. I have all the powers of God, see more. I can do things that God cannot, like creating words, manipulating reality, and raising the dead. So yes, I think you can say that I will replace Him. I am the new improved version of God. »

Everything is said in my opinion here on the will of man to become a god, replacing God, and I think that this is very dangerous for our humanity ! The « artificial divinity » has begun and finance will follow ! Could this abundance put an end to our humanity ? « Artificial divinity » or « real Divinity » ? The man is free. God is waiting for us.

KRER will work for THE Divinity (God), by putting new technologies and in particular AI at His service.

Infographics alarming us about our current world of abundance...